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Traveling to a destination without a camera is like having a car without wheels. The common camera phone allows us to feel secure that no moment will go uncaptured. Sometimes the camera phone is not enough though, we need better control, better quality.

This is how I’ve always felt, somehow attached to some device that allows me to steal that moment and keep it forever. If a camera isn’t available, or the moment can’t be captured with the instantaneousness of a camera I’ve always reverted to my sketchbook.

I have a love for sketches, and drawing in general. Having studied Drawing, Painting and sculpture, I was always fascinated with the computers ability to transform what we think of as the truth in an image, into our imagination. Modern technology has allowed us to turn our computers into a sketchbook, thus giving us endless possibilities to express our imagination.

With my interests in the arts and my love for photography, I have been working in the photographic field for over 10 years, and across four continents. My work has spanned from commercial and editorial to travel. I have worked with a variety of colorful clients and creative agencies, and I look forward to creating future works that express and explore everything about this world we live in and dream about.
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